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Regulations for the medical courses organized by


General provisions


1. These Regulations define the rules for the postgraduate courses for dentists run by ORTOTECH ( with its main office in Poland, in Warsaw at 131 Czerniakowska Street, flat 15, entered in the Register of Business Activity, hereinafter referred to as the Organizer.


II Method, mode and place


  1. ORTOTECH is entered in the Register of Entities Running Postgraduate Courses for Doctors and Dentists kept by the Regional Medical Council of Warsaw.
  2. ORTOTECH organises courses in the field of dentistry.
  3. The form and conditions of education, the programme of the course and the regulations were verified and approved by the Regional Medical Council of Warsaw
    1. The postgraduate courses for doctors run by the Organizer have a form of a theoretical course with a possibility of practical classes using only typodonts.
    2. The course takes place in a conference room rented for the period of the course and adapted to the nature of the course.
    3. The organizer reserves the right to change the date and place of the course due to conditions independent of the Organizer. In case of such a situation, the Organizer undertakes to immediately inform the participants about this fact.
    4. The Organizer takes no responsibility for the participants' personal belongings.
    5. The detailed programme of the course is available in the Organizer's office and on the website and
    6. The organizer reserves the right to change or modify the programme of the course and the educational materials depending on the lecturers' suggestions, the size of the group and other factors.
    7. The language of the course is English.

III Rules and procedures of participant recruitment


  1. Information on a course commencement is provided by e-mail, telephone, it is published on websites and in trade journals.
  2. In order to participate in a course, it is necessary to register in the database kept by the Organizer and to pay for the course. Applications are processes in the order the payment for the course is made.
  3. Each participant receives a certificate of graduation from the course and a VAT invoice issued on the grounds of the details provided by the Participant.
  4. In the event the applications exceed the available places determined by the organizational conditions, a reserve list is made (first-come-first service basis). Consecutive persons from the reserve list shall be informed about possible vacancies by the Organizer.
  5. ORTOTECH reserves the right to cancel a course in case of too small number of applicants, force majeure events or other events beyond the Organizer's control .
  6. Should a course be cancelled, the Organizer undertakes to transfer the full payment to the bank accounts indicated by the Participants during 7 working days. The Organizer shall not reimburse other expenses and losses incurred  by the Participants in connection with the cancellation or change of the course date.

Rights and responsibilities of persons participating in a course.


  1. The courses are subject to the approval of the Regional Medical Chamber of Warsaw, according to the Minister's of Health Regulations of  6th October 2004 about meeting the professional development obligation by doctors and dentists.
  2. The Chairman of the Scientific Committee is obliged to make every effort to ensure that the course is based on the current achievements and advances in medicine.
  3. Each participant shall receive a diploma of graduation from the course.
  4. Video recording during the course is not allowed. Taking photographs without a lecture's /lecturers' consent  is not allowed.
  1. The patients' images presented in the lecture materials are protected by law, taking photographs without the explicit consent of a lecturer is not allowed.
  2. Audio recording is allowed exclusively for the Participant's own use.

V Payment for participation in a course

  1. Course fees are presented on the Organizer's website and in the promotional materials.
  2. A payment can be made once in full or in installments according to the schedule provided by the Organizer.
  3. The fee determined by the Organizer should be paid to the company account, i.e.

Alior Bank: 06 2490 0005 0000 4600 4368 1649 or as an online payment through the Organizer's website.

  1. The course fee does not include the Participant's travel and accommodation costs.
  2. The course fee includes lunch and coffee breaks.
  3. In case of the Participant's resignation up to 30 days before the course commencement, ORTOTECH refunds the full payment made to the Organizer's bank account. In case of a resignation from the course 29-15 days before the course, the Organizer refunds 50% of the fee. In less than 15 days, the fee is not refunded due to organizational reasons.
  4. The registered participant can transfer his/her place on the list of participants to another person but only before the commencement of the course.
  5. Each participant is obliged to personally participate in the classes conducted as part of the course.

VI Final provisions


  1. The Regulations or any possible changes are available to participants in the Organizer's main office. Participants shall be informed about possible changes to the Regulations .
  2. By registration in the Organizer's database, course Participants give their consent to the Organizer to process their personal details to the extent necessary to organize the course and present offers. Participants of the course have the right to inspect their personal details, correct them and remove from the Organizer's database.
  3. By registration in the course, the Participant declares he/she has read the Regulations and undertakes to comply with them.
  4. The provisions of the Civil Code are applied to all matters not settled herein.